About Us



We welcome all crafters, merchants and professionals to come in and browse our store for the latest waxes, jars, fragrance oils, body care ingredients and more! We have everything you need to create your own candles, soaps, body care products and giftware. Visit our online store or come in to our shop in Burleigh and say hello to our friendly staff.


We are a local, family-owned Gold Coast business that has grown substantially over the years, we have expanded from a staff of 2, to a staff of 8. If you have visited our store you will know that we are a fun-loving team who love candles and all things creative. We are here to help and offer advice when it comes to your creative ventures.






Deb – Owner

Deb is a woman of many talents, with years of candle making experience behind her. Deb is Entrepreneurial and with her passion for skin care just launched her very own organic skincare range Remi Organics. She is also mum to Ralph and Billy our gorgeous shop dogs! 
Deb's favourite product in store is our Peony Blush fragrance oil.




Janine is our warm, caring team member known for her empathetic listening skills, which make her a "customer favourite". With a passion for candle making, Janine not only crafts beautiful candles in her spare time but also runs a thriving candle making business in her spare time. When she's not busy with her entrepreneurial pursuits, Janine prioritises spending quality time with her family.  Among our diverse range of products, Janine's top pick is our M12 wax. She loves it for its ease of use and the impeccable results it delivers. 



Marnie is our super smart, fun loving friend with 25 years of marine biology experience. She is also a Zumba instructor on the side! Marnie started making candles through COVID-19 and fell in love!  She is one of our longest serving staff making her one of the most experienced members of the team.
Marnie's favourite product in store is our Sandalwood Patchouli fragrance.




Meet Marti, the creative force behind our online department. Outside of the digital realm, Marti dabbles in sculpting with clay. Whether it's crafting intricate sculptures or chasing after her children, Marti's energy and creativity know no bounds. She also finds solace in painting whenever time permits. Marti’s favourite product in-store is the coco and lemongrass fragrance because it reminds her of a tropical vacation.



Michy is our bright and bubbly candle workshop teacher, she runs our workshops once a month. Mich has over 13 years of candle making experience and shares her wisdom with every customer who comes in store. In her time off, Michy loves to spend the day at the beach with her three favourite puppies, Ralph, Billy and Wally. Michy's favourite product in store is our A27 wax for pillar/mould candles.



Shilah is the youngest member of our team.  As full time student, you will find her here in her spare time with a huge smile on her face.  Her passion for candle making started about two years ago and she began her journey here as a customer before we made her a valuable member of our team. At work you will find her loitering around the lolly jar!